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We are a California employment law firm with a focus on representing aggrieved workers in their wage and hour disputes with their employers. We only represent employees and refrain from defending employers. This is a philosophical approach we have adopted to champion the labor rights of workers with little bargaining power. Furthermore, we have a 21st century approach to legal representation, utilizing text messaging, email, face time and other forms of communication with our clients to ensure that we provide the maximum convenience. Additionally, unlike other labor law firms that operate like a mill and treat their clients like a number, we stick with a lighter case load so that we can provide prompt attention to any inquiries our clients have. We believe that all individuals are entitled to justice, particularly those that have been nickeled and dimed by their employers, and although the general consensus is that corporations have become more and more powerful we like to think that we are doing our part to keep them honest.

Does Your Employer
Owe You Unpaid Wages?

California workers are feeling more and more ripped off despite numerous laws enacted by the state of California to prevent employers from engaging in wage theft. In reality, it has become a game of cat and mouse between the state and large companies that constantly attempt to circumvent their legal duties to pay their workers. Throughout California employees are regularly being denied overtime, lunch breaks, rest breaks, vacation pay, and medical leave by their employers, all in the interest of maximizing their bottom line. California labor laws provide significant penalties against employers for unpaid wages. These penalties are designed to compensate those who have had wages wrongfully withheld. For example, the Labor code provide steep penalties against employers who do not promptly pay their employees their final checks consisting of all wages due on termination of employment. Some red flags to look for include, but are not limited to:

  • Working more than 40 hours a week, 8 hours in a day, or seven days straight in a workweek
  • Have been asked to waive your right to overtime, meal periods, and rest periods
  • Your employer claims you do not get the same rights as others because you are an independent contractor and not a full time employee
  • You have been misclassified as “exempt”
  • You are asked to work through your lunch breaks or rest breaks
  • You are not permitted to leave the work site for lunch
  • You are not provided paystubs, they are inaccurate, or they
    lack relevant information
  • You earned tips but they were not paid to you
  • Your employer claims that you are an independent contractor.

who we represent

We believe that all people deserve high caliber and sensible legal representation. We represent clients from all walks of life and various socioeconomic backgrounds. We also represent clients irrespective of their immigration status, including undocumented residents. Nearly every occupation in California is covered by some form of labor law. We have represented many clients spanning various industries with their unpaid overtime and wage claims, along with various other employment disputes with employers.

Our clients include:

  • Shuttle Drivers
  • Retail Employees
  • Couriers and Delivery Drivers
  • Secretaries
  • Plumbers
  • Laborers
  • Factory Workers
  • Cannabis Workers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Waiters
  • Salaried Employees
  • Brand Ambassadors

if We Don’t Win You Don’t Pay

The initial consultation is always free and we typically take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if we win we take a certain percentage of the recovery as attorney fees for the legal services we have provided. If we do not win you do not pay us any attorney fees.

Recovering overtime pay from an aggressive employer often feels like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip, it is a daunting task to say the least. Employers will use a series of threats and intimidation tactics to shut their employees down and prevent information from spreading to other employees. There is good reason for this, in the event that an employer’s illegal wage payment practices spread other employees may step forward significantly increasing the employer’s exposure and potentially putting the company in a position to lose substantial sums of money. If you are looking for an employment lawyer in San Jose give us a call.

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